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All of me, loves all of you

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I am so joining the out with a bang challenge!

It’s perfect to because sign ups aren’t until Dec, which is when I hope to finish my current fic projects. So I can join it no problem, either with a whole new fic idea I am bound to have, or with one of the many ones I haven’t gotten around to writing yet. I won’t use either of my three current WIP though, since I want them posted sooner than July. =D But it’s something to look forward to writing for sure!

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What is Out With A Bang?


Out With A Bang is a six-month 50,000 word writing challenge celebrating the final season of Glee. Out With A Bang is a return to the novel-length big bangs of old and a final farewell to the show we love (or love to fix). Stories may involve any Glee-centric romantic pairing(s) or have no pairing…

LU Tour Toronto  *

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OTP Challenge - {1/4} Songs

I would have thought that you were crying because you and Blaine used to talk about how this was your dream to sing this song to each other at your wedding. I remember you telling me that singing this song tp someone was a more intimate act than sex.

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