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Sometimes it can switch over from your wifi to your data plan without you realizing. That’s actually why I use the app — I had a tendency not to realize when I wasn’t running on wifi at home!

Ack! U don’t want it to do that! I was hoping it would just go to my home wiki by default… ugh. So much to learn LOL

So next comes the important question of what case to get

I am learning towards getting one off of society six. My first impulse was to get something Klaine themed… but as much as I love them, I think I want something more general. 

I do love floral print and there’s a design of S6 I have fallen in love with. So I think I shall get this case, even if it’s pricey but for a S6 case that’s probably reasonable? 

Here it is:

Now I guess this won’t come with anything to project the scene? I am so clueless LOL. 

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I would highly recommend Data Usage (if you’re on a data plan), and Weather Kitty (or Weather Puppy) for an improved weather app.

Thanks! I downloaded both! Only the usage one, it says I’ve used 1kb but so far I’ve been home just using my home’s wifi… odd…


Thanks @matthewstephensmith ! Nominating and

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I finally have a smart phone!

After years of resisting, I just got a new Iphone 5 woo! This will be quite the change from my dinky little dumb phone lol. Needless to say the learning curve should be interesting but I’m sharp. So far I picked a ringtone (little talks by of monsters and men) and I am downloading tumblr now. 

What apps or features would people recommend I get? 

Now to figure out how to the wallpaper images on the phone…

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I went to the mall to go buy Pokemon X for 3DS and Parks & Rec S6 on DVD. September is a buy dvd/blu ray purchasing month for me, what with all of the tv season releases. This year it’s quite a list (and this is not including P&R).

-The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Blu ray
-How I Met Your Mother S9 DVD
-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D blu ray (or dvd it will depend)
-Glee S5 Blu ray (or dvd again it shall depend)

Then there’s the X-Men and Captain America 2 DVD coming out around that time too. 

I am gonna be so broke ugh but at least I’ll have lots to watch while I stay home poor! LOL

I just purchased Forever Man by A.J. DeWall from Interlude Press!

I got the ebook package which does include epub woo! I was pondering if I could purchase one of the IP releases. I decided to go for it. This should be interesting because I haven’t read the fic version of the book. Which I kinda like since I’m going into it fresh! 

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