ohh MY GEE!! *^*

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kurt outfits (2/??)


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Glee Meme | Four Brotps (2/4)

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12 Days of Darren Criss - Day 6
• Favorite Darren Outfit Article of Clothing - the blue jumper

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"Happiness is something you live… a collective combination of big, small, concrete, abstract things in life that are defined uniquely for every person’s path."

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He was a skater cat
She said see you later cat

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Glee Meme | Nine Solos (8/9)

 - Not The Boy Next Door (Season 3)

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"My style is pretty classic, I would say. I am very much a suit and tie kind of guy. I like clothing with a slight early 1960’s tone. Very American."

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“This would never happen.” (xx)

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 ”I’ll just sit here and wait for dinner, okay?”

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Glee Meme | Four Brotps (3/4)

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