CG looks nice in new SpongeBob movie Sponge Out of Water.

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The Blaine Big Bang is still in need of artists!

In order to make sure we have art for all of the Blaine Big Bang fics, we need quite a few more artists. Any kind of art is eligible for the Blaine Big Bang (hand drawn, computer art, manips, gifs, etc) so please come sign up at our livejournal ( if you are an artist or spread the word if you aren’t. Signups are open until September 15th!

Beta Signups are also still open at the livejournal.

The need for artist is dire, there are like 4 so far… 

Happy 25th Birthday, Joseph Michael Richter (July 31st, 1989)

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does anybody ever feel like that, like a killer queen? x

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Which is more physically demanding, this (The Flash) or Glee?

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Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Kurtbastian writing…

I am really torn to which Kurtbastian story I should work on first. Should I start revising Welcome to Paradise, or should I write my second idea, In Fame and in Wealth? 

Paradise is an adaptation of a manga, where Kurt is a closed off and bitter college freshman, who feels the heavy weight of the pressure placed upon him. He is asked by a colourful group of art students to be a model for their schools upcoming fashion show. Kurt meets their leader Sebastian, and Kurt slowly begins to fall under his spell — even though he’s still in the closet. 

Fame and Wealth is where Sebastian is a tv start who is gaining a lot of popularity. His best friend is Santana, who is family to him and who is also famous as well. The story is about how Sebastian meets Kurt, a stylist and it spans from where their meet to their wedding. 

Both stories are ones I want to write, Paradise has 15 chapters written already that needed to be revised. 

I am just wondering if I should write Fame and Wealth first, which will be a less heavy Kurtbastian story. Then, once that is done or well under-way, I can work on Paradise next. 

We’ll see what I decide to do. I still have my RB fics to finish up so once those are done I can see what I feel like doing. 


when u sneeze in front of your pet and they look like you’ve just offended their great ancestors


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Kurt Outfits Appreciation:
S02E14 Blame It On The Alcohol

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"Never knew I could feel like this,
Like I’ve never seen the sky before,
Want to  v a n i s h  inside your kiss,
Every day I love you more and more…”

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favorite glee character meme [1] character
↳Blaine Anderson

Roxy Music makes me want to build a time machine, just so I can go back to the 70′s and give Bryan Ferry a high-five.

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klaine challenge: favorite item

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Glee Meme | Five Episodes (1/5)

 - New New York (Season 5)

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